Hoax Electronic Communication for Art Therapy

I have had many phone calls and texts (all fake requests) regarding querying Art Therapy. I would like to point out, I am not wasting my time energy or phone costs in this activity. It is all down to the caller. People are even going as far as asking for requests via our registration body.… Continue reading Hoax Electronic Communication for Art Therapy

Following a recent telephone call 

You are totally in charge of and responsible for your own life, your own healing and your own creative journey. creativityfromwithinuk@mailinator.com m8r-e9t69n@mailinator.com creativityfromwithin@mailinator.com m8r-lgyvvh@mailinator.com +447762782114 (UK) The best form of contact Art Therapy inquiries ONLY All sales calls will not be answered/declined and all unsolicited sales text messages will be reported and blocked All numbers will… Continue reading Following a recent telephone call 

Art Making, In Art Therapy

The art made in an Art Therapy session is often messy, chaotic, even terrifying. It can appear tangled up, squashed, splatted, spilled, torn or even destroyed or binned. The mess left behind in a finished session is equally creative. The creations can be made quietly or extremely noisily depending on the meterials used. The artwork… via… Continue reading Art Making, In Art Therapy