Harmonia Philosophica


An institution in the UK is providing children with leuchemia with what is known as “art therapy”. Through art, children with this critical illness are able to forget their problems and feel good. “As if you can do anything” as our little friend says in the relative video on BBC. [see BBC News for more]

But the institution faces an imminent threat: it will be shut down if it fails to produce “proof” that this so called “art therapy” really works.

Are we serious?!?

What kind of “proof” do you need when the patient himself says that he is feeling better?!?

Is this less proof that the small percentages of success that current expensive cancer-fighting drugs have? (or perhaps the very fact that they ARE expensive is their benefit)

Sometimes the proof is right in front of you. All you have to do is have the will to see it. (or…

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