Happy Narcissist Free Valentine’s Day!

Ladywithatruck's Blog


I understand right now you are far from “happy”, you are lonely, imagining him off with his new love, giving her everything you wanted and more and you are sitting home broken and miserable.

Be honest with me now, did the narcissist EVER do anything nice on Valentine’s Day? Your birthday? Christmas? OK, aside from the very first one you had with him, but I mean over the course of the whole relationship, was there ever a special holiday you weren’t disappointed somehow?

If you did get gifts or attention paid to you it was because it made the narcissist look good to do it because they never do anything unless there is something in it for them.

I always went overboard on holidays, even when I was a single mom I cut out dozens of paper red hearts and hung them from the ceiling on red ribbons. I didn’t…

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