How to execute the perfect ‘hoover manoeuvre’

Avalanche of the soul

Have you tried to leave your abuser, just to get sucked back in? Are you stunned by the military-like precision with which your abuser tries to get you back? Then check out this tongue-in-cheek exposé on why and how abusers hoover.

A Quick Guide to Hoovering for the determined domestic abuse perpetrator  – and those of us determined to make that permanent break from our abuser.

I’m an abuser. Why do I need to hoover?

Yes, ordinarily you have a woman to do the vacuuming. But if you wish to keep her at the kitchen sink, you’ll need some ‘hoovering‘ skills of your own. These are a set of tactics designed to suck a target back into an abusive relationship.Finely-honed hoovering skills will be enormously useful when your partner makes a bid to shake you off – or, unbelievably, actually leaves you.

To successfully hoover, you need to leave…

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