Valentine’s Day Fallout – Narcissists and the Contingency Plan

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Broken Heart

The day after Valentine’s Day…yesterday’s holiday resulted in a global epidemic of Narcissists hoovering, posting pics on his or her social media of them with the new “love interest”, and using the day to execute painful devalues around the world.

Quite possibly all of the above.

While most couples are basking in the afterglow of romantic dinners and intimate moments, you may be feeling like a nincompoop because you believed there was a chance things would work with the Narcissist, and further that no one will ever love you again because you’re checking out the Narcissist’s Facebook and Instagram pages, feeling destroyed by what you find.

Valentine’s Day is the Narcissist’s favorite day for conspiracies and trickery.  If you’re under the adverse conditions of being involved with a Narcissist, please find below three of the most common games carried out by the disordered on our national day of romance:

V-Day Charades


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