Answering Questions About Narcissists…

An Upturned Soul

These questions are from the search terms used to find my blog – the answers are a mix of serious with humour added. If you want me to clarify and go deeper into an answer to a question, or have another question to add, let me know using the comments:

Why are Narcissists attracted to me?

You taste delicious! And they’ve seen something special about you, which they will initially reveal to you during the seduction phase of the relationship. They see treasure and like a pirate they want to loot you. They will then try to make you forget what is special about you by taking you apart piece by piece.

Do Narcissistic people know they are difficult?

No. You’re the one who is difficult because you’re not giving them what they want and you’re expecting them to behave respectfully towards you. Although occasionally they will admit to being…

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