Do Narcissist’s Ever Self Destruct

The Walking Narcissists - The True Living Dead

I thought that I would write about this for whoever it was that typed that question into their search engine and happened upon this blog. Its an important question and I imagine the inquirer was searching for something to combat the Narcissist in his/her life, albeit with some desperation.

I can fully empathise because I know what it’s like to be disarmed so completely that your last line of defence is hope that the Narcissist will destroy themselves. Do not take “Disarmed” lightly. This word does not do any justice to the level of life sucking Narcissist’s do – it does not conjure up just how lethal Narcissist’s are. To have a Malignant Narcissist and/or Narcissist/s in your life means your existence is under real threat. Never, ever under estimate just how true this is.

Should the Narcissist be your colleague or any other type of peer, such as a…

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