How a Narcissist attempts to “Create” a Life

Soul Healing Art

Narcissists submit to no one. They are all about control, control, control.

Narcissists are always caught up in their reflections. As we know, reflections are not the “real thing”. But because narcissist’s live in a world of reflection and projection, they never understand the difference. We see this especially when narcissists try to “create”. Their creation of a life is not how you and I would go about it- authentically and highly-engaged.

No, narcissists are always acting. They see what is valued and then they try to copy these values. You will note this all the time with narcissists as they constantly have to reassure you that that are “open” “honest” ” a good person” “a really good person” “so loving”, etc. How many of us walk around overtly describing ourselves as such? I know one person who even said the narcissist in her life was “proud” that he was…

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