When the Narcissist goes All “Air Traffic Controller” on You

Soul Healing Art

Narcissists are all about control- especially when it comes to their image.
Great works of art and literature have received less time and energy in their creation than a narcissist’s self image when a narcissist is in full-on “image control” mode.

One way narcissists “work on” their image is not by doing something tangible and real in the world that would add a positive aspect. They tend to think such ideas are ridiculous and fruitless, because they are already perfect, wonderful, delightful, smart, kind, aware, compassionate- seriously, what more could they possibly have to do?

We should ALL know this about them, right?

And because narcissists live in such a self-created, delusional world- it tends to take a toll on them. To lie, constantly, is EXHAUSTING. Yet, this is a narcissist’s life.

As they have no real energy with which to create, other than the creation of lies, narcissists have…

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