Online Art Therapy with Monica

Art Therapy Online is available to people aged 18 and over

How long do the sessions last?

The sessions last 50 minutes and are weekly sessions. Let me know if you work unusual work patterns, we can work out sessions around that.

What do I need, in terms of hardware etc.?

A Computer or laptop or tablet with camera and sound function, angled at your artmaking. An internet connection is required and a video and voice app such as Skype, Hangouts.

Payment is taken via PayPal before the sessions start.

Feel free to contact Monica Gobourne on 07762782114 to discuss Online Art Therapy and how it may be able to assist you.

The Benefits on Online Art Therapy

It can be done in any private safe place and space. Great for busy people at work.

You can buy or borrow the art materials. No need for expensive materials

It can be accessed world wide. My sessions are in English.

You may find it easier to talk online than face to face

You do not need to travel to see me. Great for those people in remote areas. Great people who are far away from me. (I am based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, U.K.)

Also money will be saved from not having to travel to me. Time will be saved in travelling to me.

You do not need to worry about mobility issues. If it is hard for you to get around for any reason, Online Art Therapy is for you.

Weekends and evenings are available. Subject to available times.

I MUST let your General Practitioner know that you are using Art Therapy in the U.K.

If you are experiencing acute issues/distress, please contact your Registered Healthcare Professional, or allow someone to contact them for you. Online Art Therapy is not the recommended when you are under acute distress.

Please do not wait to seek help in developing and maintaining a offline healthcare relationship with a registered Health Care or Social Care provider.

Art Therapy is not a “quick fix”.  A willingness to embrace change would be a good thing. You are totally in charge of your own healing processes.

You can use the sessions how you like. Art is a safe way to express feeling, and explore issues. You can find your way of dealing with your concerns in your own way. Positive changes can be made using Art Therapy.

Privacy & Confidentiality
All sessions are private and confidential. Neither myself or Skype record video sessions. You can discuss your sessions with anyone you like.
All paperwork, signed by clients and all notes taken during sessions are locked in a safe which only I have access to.
Limitations of Confidentiality
If you tell me you plan to harm yourself, someone else, or that you are involved in something illegal, I am legally required to make a report about this and inform necessary authories, including your General Practitioner (in the U.K.)




Click here to access PayPal link to pay for your sessions


Please click this link for online referral form





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