Friendship Art Therapy With Monica


It is our friends we often chose to be around. We can encounter issues with our friendship when:

* we have life changing situations such as new relationships forming

* we have children

* we feel that one friend is perceived to be doing all the taking

* we fall ill or develop a life changing situation

* we have to move away for other reasons such as a job, emigration etc.

Whatever your friendship issues, they can be enhanced by safely looked at, using Art Therapy

Friends can work out issues by communicating using the art material and the Art Therapist, as well as with each other.

The cost is the same as individual therapy.

The session time is 50 minutes, just like the individual sessions


Take care of yourself and also the relationship, using Art Therapy with Monica

Contact Monica on 07762782114




“To respect the dignity of a relationship also implies accepting the end when it comes. Except in my mind, except in my dreams, where the aftertaste of her still lingers.”
― André Brink