General Practitioner Contact 

Please remember to have your General Practitioner/Care Professional details to hand when filling in the online referral form. I will need your consent before contacting your General Practitioner. This is simply to let the Doctor know you are in therapy. Please note that I will not offer Art Therapy without General Practitioner contact for your… Continue reading General Practitioner Contact 

Art Therapy Online Promotion

Skype sessions are for anyone who wants to work with me and lives far away. These sessions are intended for individuals. Online art therapy is offered in English. The online art therapy sessions are dependent on an Internet connection and can be accessed anywhere in the world. I am based in London so the mutual… Continue reading Art Therapy Online Promotion

Art Workshop Questionnaire

I have made a short questionnaire about art workshops

Thank you to all the respondents so far. Your replies are extremely useful

Please contact me via social media with any queries about my survey

Many thanks

Monica Gobourne

Art Therapist


My questionnaire about art workshops